It won’t take long before you notice that his shoes are untied. It may also be obvious that he cuts his own hair. He, unlike most males in the city of self-indulgence, refuses to shave his chest and his shirt probably needs a wash. Yet, as you pass judgment on him, feeling certain that he’s another pale slacker doing nothing with his life, he sends you his reel. You decide to watch. Within the first minute, the beast becomes… well, a bit more beautiful. He was never really good with first impressions.
Danny recently directed the insane boyband-zombie-killing-mockbuster "Dead 7" for SyFy. Before that, the feature comedy “Shotgun Wedding” from 20th Century Fox. Being no stranger to strange comedy, Danny's short film “Dog Lovers” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and he is currently raising money to shoot the feature version. In addition to Danny’s recent efforts on Nick Carter’s “Burning Up” and “Just One Kiss” music videos, he has also made videos for a variety of artists such as Esthero, Society 1 and Twin Method. He directed the fun fitness series, "Kitt Fit" as well as content for Hulu, Condé Nast and has also lent his talents to high profile commercial clients such as Starbucks, Fox Sports, Trak Kayaks and Microsoft. As a reality director, Danny’s worked on shows such as CBS’s “Big Brother,” and Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” and he’s produced several of his own pilots.
His haircut will most likely always look stupid, and in some countries a man’s chest hair is a trophy for their tolerance of spicy food, but please, take a closer look past the surface and discover a guy that’s every bit as good as the other guy you’re considering to direct your video, or movie, or YouTube series… but for half the cost and double the enthusiasm. Combine equal parts substance and style with a dash of humor, Danny makes it quite obvious with his work that he can turn water into wine… or at the very least, a margarita with the right amount of salt.
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